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Storyboard - I Will Not Fight by PoP-Chronicles Storyboard - I Will Not Fight by PoP-Chronicles
Also posted here, [link]

"Storyboard 1! Well actually if I was going in order this would be Scene 4, but eh.
Part of my upcoming animation attempt.

Panel 1: Ukei stood before Serai with her head down, holding back the tears that rushed behind her dark maroon eyes. "I'm sorry," she began to say in a saddened but determined tone. "But I will NOT fight" The tone turned to a sharp declaration as she looked up staring at Serai her gaze unwavering as she stood up for her beliefs.

Panel 2-3 Across the Room, Serai met Ukei's gaze and declaration with a darkened stare. her eyes aged and battle worn as she replied to the young Ancients girl, her voice a fierce yet steady command, a voice only a leader would have; A leader who had been through the countless battles and the hell she'd been through. "Then you will be destroyed too." She replied darkly as she tried to contain her emotions.

Er yeah, so preview of what's coming up? =D

Also, feel free to critique. But before you mention things.
Serai has no 'chest' in this one. Because what's over her chest is armor and would only show in shading. Her dress constists of a long sleeved robe. The sleeves are pinned up like that, then under that is at turtleneck dress, the robe has slits in it on the side. The armor goes over the robe, and then she's got the belt.

Ukei feel free to critique, her dress just consists of a dress and gold sash, but her hair is floor length. And she's like 11 in this."

Serai (C) :iconinfitima:
Ukei Furui (C) :iconinfitima:
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December 11, 2008
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