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Greetings everyone, this is :icontherebelphoenix:, the creator and main person working on Planet of Powers, or for short PoP. Though that name may not stay, it's good enough for now.

My main account is Infitima, but I created this one to upload things of PoP that would normally go in scraps in my main. Such as storboards, concept designs, attempted manga or writing and other art having to do with PoP.
This probably won't become very active, but incase it does.

What is PoP?:PoP is an RP started back in 05, with an RP group. Eventually all the group died out but two, and then in 07 the two no longer spoke to each other, but the one, that's me kept the ideas I brought into the RP, had permission from the other to continue their ideas, and continued on to bring it into something more. A manga, maybe animation, or all else fails a story. Either way, my number one goal is to make something out of PoP, whatever it be.

So what is PoP About?: PoP originally started with the simple plot of a school for children of powers. The planet of Powers they lived on was split into many islands, each having their own powers and race of people. But soon the grew boring and we brought in villians, created more complicated plots of the Villians, went into the concept of 'Evil Isn't Bad, Just Simple Misunderstood' and gave villians pasts, brought in higher powers, such as the Ancients and Sages, Shadow and Lgiht Creators, and other things to complete the Universe, and worlds of PoP.

If I were to give a summary of the story now, it would be this.

Part 1 -Some time long ago, two children of Earth, grew tired of their lifestyle (due to things) and discovered a book which showed them the beginning of their adventure, went on the journey/quest of a lifetime, and in the end created their own universe made from their imaginations and thoughts. This was to be the PoP Universe, later recruited other kids, including the very most important one, went on to bind themselves together as a race called the Ancients, and create the secondary race the Sages.

Part 2- Many years later after the Sages were created and peace rules, something happened to cause the Sages to revolt against their creators the Ancients and challenge for control of the Universe. The losers would be put to death, the winners would be the rulers. Things happened and the Sages won, but one Ancient was left alive. This would go down in history as The War of Souls (Name subject to change due to copyright x.x)

Part 3-Kanji's Story, basically the Ancient that still lived had a son with a sage. Thus a forbidden and never before known act, this would be his story. (A very important part so it would take place in whatever PoP becomes.</b>

And Finally
Thereafter: Years later after Kanji, the Universe would not know the Sages except for the Important People, The Ancients long forgotten. Other races would be the hero's and the school plot would come in here, with their villians and such. Later things such as the Creators would come in, Ancients come back and the truce be made. ~

Important: The PoP Universe is unique in that it's like the many great works of the best authors. It has its own universe with its own beliefs, philosophy of how life, death and such work. Its own higher powers, culture, many many races, and other aspects that make a world its own. I say Universe because, it is not a dimension, galaxy, realm or planet but also has those things in it. It is truly another Universe.

I hope whoever does decide to stick around, will come to enjoy it as much as I have creating and working with my part of it.
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